one-to-one counselling …

is like having a personal trainer for your heart.

one-to-one counselling online - personal training for your heart


I’m going to be honest and say that prior to Covid 19, I wouldn’t have given online therapy a second thought, but having been thrown into it, (and trained in it) I can confidently say that, it is on par with face-to-face, just with more benefits – no commute and being at the mercy of TFL, no driving in the windy rain and snow, and then being stuck in traffic, but best of all you get to have therapy in the comfort of your home.

A therapy hour is 50 minutes… ask Freud. It’s weekly in order for us to get to know each other and work collaboratively. How long will be up to you, I recommend starting with 6 sessions and then reviewing, so you are always in control. Therapy is a confidential space, but there are always exceptions to rules and I am bound by law and ethics to keep you safe. So if I am concerned about you and your wellbeing I may have to break confidentiality. Please know that I will endeavour to discuss this with you prior.

The therapy relationship is completely different from one with family, friendships or relationships you have or have had in the past. I will support you, guide you, offer a helpful perspective, and celebrate each of your gains. I’ll let you know when you’re jumping to negative conclusions and when you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. I create a connection with my clients in the first session through my casual tone, conversational communication style, and my ability to make others comfortable almost immediately.


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online one-to-one counselling for young adults

Recent testimonials …


It was really easy to trust you with my child, from our first conversation I knew you were the one for her.

Relationships & self-esteem.

I gained so many good things from therapy and working with you but the most important was the relationship with my Mum.


I don’t know how, but you made therapy enjoyable for my child, I loved hearing him laugh with you.


Transitions through secondary school can present many challenges for young people, which can bring on stress, anxiety, low mood or relationship problems with those around them. As your teenager progresses through this stage of adolescence you may notice changes, like:

  • Having a tough time handling stress.
  • Constantly worrying.
  • Being really hard on themself.
  • Complains about having no real friends.
  • ‘Freaks out’, seemingly for no reason sometimes.

It is tough when your child is in pain, and you’re unable to fix it. As a parent, you want your teenager to feel confident. You’re willing to do what it takes to support them, but you aren’t sure how. Maybe you’ve scoured the internet for help, read parenting books, and asked your friends for advice on what to do. The suggestions you got may have helped a little, but they didn’t solve the problems.

Whether your teen is sharing things with you that upset you both, or turning away and leaving you wondering what’s actually going on – you know something is different. Something is wrong. You’re determined to get them help.

I will offer your child the same level of confidentiality that I would adults, as this is paramount to the therapeutic work. I will have check-in meetings with you to keep you informed about how the therapy is progressing and you can share concerns or progress. One of the aims of talking therapy is to facilitate better conversations with all we come into contact with and in my experience, parents do notice this improvement. You may be concerned that 50 minutes could be too long and, in some cases, it is, but generally we get creative and play games together as part of the therapy so the time flies by. I will ask that an adult be present in the home with online therapy, to support logistics and safeguarding.

one to one online counselling for young adults

Therapy can help your child manage their anxieties, grow in confidence, and begin to enjoy themselves again.

Relevant Training & Qualifications:

  • BACP Accreditation – registered therapist.
  • Kings College & NHS Maudsley – Personalised Individual Parenting.
  • Anna Freud Post Separation – Children caught in Parental Conflict.
  • Place2Be – Journey of Hope – Post Disaster Programme
  • Child Bereavement UK – Bereavement & Loss.
  • Enhanced DBS Clearance
  • Professional Liability Insurance.

If you are in crisis or need urgent support ...

please reach out or use any of these free services:

Samaritans: 116 123

NHS: 111

Text SHOUT to: 85258